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Data Collection Options

Whether via the Internet or through one of the many data collection devices available, data can be collected in real-time or in a store-and-forward (polled) manner, depending on available connectivity. If taking advantage of web-based data collection, restrictions can be enabled within an employee’s timesheet to prevent punches from outside the designated IP addresses. Based on specific work environments and type of usage, a variety of employee time entry options are available:

Traditional Swipe / Keypads

Pro iTime makes tracking attendance and productivity easy with features such as the ability to collect timesheets from remote locations and mobile personnel, making sure timesheets have been approved by the appropriate managers. Pro iTime also offers notifications – like reminding employees to fill out timesheets. Managers can quickly identify exceptions, analyze data, and forecast overtime.
  • Online/offline modes of operation
  • Complex attendance reporting
  • Real-time database queries
  • Functions as a “swipe and go” and job tracking can be scheduled according to requirements
  • Can operate independently or as part of a network
  • Easily interfaces with any application TCP/IP, POE, Modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Displays time in several formats (US, European)

Synel SY-715

Personal Handheld Devices (PDA)

Mobile and offsite devices, as well as telephony, allows users to capture time remotely. With fast and reliable data capturing capabilities, devices geared toward mobile and dynamic workforces vary from wireless barcode readers to telephony solutions, which require little to no additional investment or hardware. Telephony allows users to collect real-time data from a touch-tone phone.
  • Individuals can punch in using the device's wand that scans their employee badges, as well as location or job related data
  • 1MB Flash Memory retains data even when battery is unplugged (secure memory, no lost data)
  • Greater data collection capacity--Hold up to 70,000 scans before data must be transferred
  • Protective carrying case
  • Unlimited user capacity for telephony and personal handheld device (PDA) entry
  • Telephony and personal handheld devices (PDA) require no additional hardware
  • Restrict locations and specific dial-in numbers for telephony
  • Complete detailed audit trail including caller-ID

MacSema BC3100


Biometric (hand recognition, fingerprint)

Biometric device, which are all Ethernet compatible, identify an individual by examining a unique physical characteristic such as a fingerprint, hand geometry, eye pattern, voice or dynamic signature. Use of biometric authentication eliminates hassles such as buddy punching or the potential for lost employee ID badges. Certain devices are also available that combine biometric functionality along with a built-in card reader.


  • Saves money over card-based systems
  • Easily integrates into existing network infrastructures
  • Eliminates badges
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Comes with standard Ethernet card
  • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available
  • Antimicrobial-infused platen
  • Platen also comes standard with a printed outline to ensure accurate hand placement while punching

RSI Handpunch 4000