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Pro iPay is equipped with only the highest data security features, including, Department of Defense (DoD) Standards, SysTrust and SAS 70 Type II Compliant, and customizable password profiles to match your company’s internal security policies and procedures.

Security Access Controls Include:

  • New Account Default Password
  • Password History Restriction
  • Maximum Password Age
  • Password Complexity Level
    (Strong Passwords)
  • Validate Login with Image
  • Limit Login to One Computer
  • Lock Account with Invalid Attempts
  • Security Question
  • Restrictions by IP Address
  • Password Reset Notifications via Email
  • RSA Token Satellite Generated Passwords

RSA SecurID Details

RSA SecurID® hardware tokens provide "hacker-resistant" two-factor authentication, resulting in easy-to-use and effective user identification. Based on RSA’s patented time synchronization technology, this authentication device generates a simple, one-time authentication code that changes every 60 seconds.


To access resources protected by the RSA SecurID system, users simply combine their secret Personal Identification Numbers (PIN’s) (something they alone know) with the token codes generated by their authenticators (something they have). The result is a unique, one-time-use passcode that is used to positively identify, or authenticate, the user. If the code is validated by the RSA SecurID system, the user is granted access to the protected resource. If it is not recognized, the user is denied access.


This technology is embedded in our Pro iPay platform acting as the gateway to gain access.


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